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James Mountain - "Young Irelander", Nationalist and Fenian

Mountain/ Green Family History

The following records, which came from S.S. Peter and Paul's Church, in Cork, show that James Mountain and his wife Mary Green, had nine children. However, there was no record of their marriage at the church.
James Patrick        Born: 03/05/1844
James                    Born: 05/04/1846 
                             Died: (in Cork) 11/04/1868.
Mitchell Edward      Born: 28/05/1848
Catherine (Kate)      Born:18/08/1850 
                             (Mountain/Healy page)
Julia. A                  Born: 02/09/1852 
                             Died (in Cork) 19/06/1864.
Robert.Emmett       Born: 08/05/1856
Thomas                 Born: 29/11/1857
Mary                     Born: 06/08/1860
Henry Joseph        Born:24/04/1863 
                            Died (in Cork) 29/04/1864
Details from the archives of Queen's College, Cork, show details of two other 'Mountain's in their Student Registers.
Henry: Aged 15.
Academic year: 1855-56.
Faculty 1: Arts.
Henry was born in Holborn, London, in 1840.
John: Aged 24.
Academic year: 1867-68.
Faculty 1: Medicine.  
John would have been born around 1843.
On the 22nd June 1869, only seven months after the death of her husband, James Mountaine, Mary married Barry Yelverton at the Parish Church of St. Nicolas. Records show that Mr Yelverton was a Sexton of the parish.
Mary's father, Henry Green (a shoemaker) died aged 87 years, on 21st December, 1874, at 76, South Main Street. Barry Yelverton was present at his death.


James Mountain died at his home address at 72, North Main Street, Cork, on 6th November 1868. The building, which was demolished in the 1860's is now commemorated by a plaque which has been placed above the wall of number 74. It states that, "James Mountain, Young Irelander, Nationalist and Fenian, lived at number 72".
James was the first person to be buried in the 'Mountain' famiy grave at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Ballyphehane, Cork, in 1868. That grave is now marked by a new headstone which was erected in May 2009.
James Mountain's place in history is ensured by the inclusion of his name, emblazoned on the Fenian panel of the National Monument on Grand Parade. No finer tribute can be bestowed upon the man, who became known, and will be remembered, as "Cork's first Fenian".